Everything about Android System WebView – Should You Disable It?

Almost every Android user has seen an app named “Android System WebView” in its smartphone but not exactly sure whether to keep it or uninstall it. Well, it doesn’t look like a real deal but let us mention that Android System WebView is something you need to keep in your phone – especially if your operating system is less than Nougat.

However, if your smartphone has Nougat or higher Android operating system, then you wouldn’t see this app itself. It’s because Google, with its Nougat OS, has moved this feature elsewhere in your phone, but it’s a major component/part of your Android smartphone.

android webview system

What is Android System WebView?

Perhaps it’s the first and foremost question in your mind, right? Android System WebView is actually a smaller version of Chrome, enables you to open web links in your application without leaving it.

Let us give you an example, if you click on any link in your application, it’ll immediately open Android System WebView as if it’s a browser built-in an app. However, it’s important to remember that it doesn’t support all the applications, and that’s the reason some links open in your Chrome application rather than keeping in within the application.

How to Enable Android System WebView?

Android System WebView comes into action if you mistakenly make some mistakes in regard to webview services or if any web service doesn’t work as flawlessly as it should. Although you can find your implementations in Developer options but if you don’t know where Developer options is located or how to access it, here are the instructions:

  • Go to Settings and Look for System/About Phone
  • Open it and Tap on Build Number “7” Times.
  • It’ll Enable Developer Option.
  • Go Back to Settings, Open Developer Option, and Locate WebView Implementation
  • Most of the Phones, it’s Available as “WebView” only

We have also seen that there are different OEMs, offering their own WebView services – such as Xiaomi’s MiWebView. You can allow it for using with default navigation, and we do recommend you to always choose Chrome Webview to achieve overall stability.

Should You Disable It?

Let’s get straight! You cannot uninstall or disable Android System WebView in your smartphone. However, you can switch to any other alternative Chrome WebView if you are using Android Nougat or previous OS.

Besides, you will have an option to uninstall all the updates against this application on Google Play Store or by going into Settings. It’s also an effective solution if you face any trouble or problem in this application.

Google decided to stop Chrome WebView as an alternative with Android 10 – therefore, you wouldn’t be able to use it any further. What you can use, however, is the default webview. Making a long story short, you cannot uninstall or disable Android System WebView in any case.

Obviously, it’s quite mandatory and is part of the Android System too. Web pages in 3rd-party apps are what Android Device WebView does. Therefore, in Google Chrome, as well as any other browser, you don’t have to open links externally. They would pop-up within the application. Yet you can normally change it in the application settings.

Wrapping Up

Very much like Android System WebView, there are a number of Android applications in your smartphone that you don’t know what they’re for. Well, it doesn’t completely mean that it doesn’t do anything or useless. If you’re not familiar with any app on your phone, it’s good to research about it before you end up removing it from your phone.

Android System WebView is a must-have application, and interestingly, you don’t need to activate or enable it as it starts up automatically. What else do you need to know about Android System WebView? Let us know down in the comments box.

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