Latest Smartwatches Coming in 2020

The Top-Rated and Flagship Level Smartwatches Expected to Arrive in 2020

Brands worldwide have been manufacturing smartwatches more and more, making it quite hard for a user to decide which one to buy. We are about to enter into 2020, and there is a vast range of options around when it comes to buying a smartwatch.

Well, you no longer need to put yourself in a limit now – thanks to the smartwatch companies that have released the importance and started making better smartwatches, and it’s indeed a good thing, so without wasting time, let’s have a quick view to the new smartwatches coming in 2020.

The question arises, is it the right time to get your hands on a smartwatch or you should wait a little more for the latest and greatest smartwatches with state-of-the-art features?

Well, it’s quite confusing, for now, but here we have laid down a bunch of Best Upcoming Smartwatches 2020 you should wait a little bit more for.

1: Microsoft Surface Watch

Microsoft Surface Watch 2020

An American Multinational Technology Company “Microsoft” with headquartered in Redmond, Washington is rumoured to manufacture the most appealing smartwatch named Microsoft Surface Watch, which is expected to be released at the beginning of 2020.

Some sources have claimed that Microsoft is currently working with its Surface team to develop a watch that runs on Windows OS and it’ll be one of the New Smartwatches Coming Out 2020.

This Microsoft Surface Watch is claimed to be business-friendly with a whopping onboard memory, long-lasting battery, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity, cloud connectivity, and many more features. The company will go for a square design with Oxynitride Aluminum body, 10x more durable as compared to standard/regular metal.

2: Apple Watch 5

Apple Watch 5

A list of Upcoming Smartwatches 2020 cannot be completed without mentioning Apple’s most-anticipated Watch 5. So far, Apple smartwatches have the title of best-selling watches worldwide. It’s not deniable that 2019’s Apple Watch 4 is the trendiest and exquisite smartwatch which leads the chart with its up to the mark features.

Apple has got the title of “best-selling smartwatches” not only in the United States but in the UK, Australia and New Zealand as well. The next generation watch is most likely to continue winning the hearts of people across the world.

The Apple Watch 5 is expected to be landed on stores late in 2020, and we are hopeful to see 6 WatchOS software out of the box. The latest 6 WatchOS has already been revealed by the company at WWDC 2019, giving us some hints as to what we can expect from Apple Watch 5.

This upcoming beast is likely to have a better microphone, more applications, extra focus on freedom and better speakers. Moreover, some sources have claimed it to be equipped with a long-lasting battery and more wellness alongside fitness.

The Apple Watch 5 may have an integrated sleep tracking device and a massive battery to operate if rumours turn out to be true. It is reported that a better OLED display will be produced by the WatchC5 from Japan Display.

3: Samsung Galaxy Watch 2

Samsung Galaxy Watch 2

In August 2018, Samsung launched its Galaxy Watch, and we can claim that it’s one of Android’s best smartwatches, without any doubt. The reports are circulating on the internet, suggesting an upgraded version named Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 somewhere in 2020.

As all onboard components and specifications are yet to be revealed, so it is expected to come with some improvement as compared to Galaxy Watch. According to timeline documents, Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 will arrive before 2019 ends – may be any time between now and the end of December.

The original Galaxy smartwatch, which was released in August 2018 is available in two different sizes to choose from – 46mm and 42mm. Putting an educated guess, Galaxy Watch 2 will be shrunk slightly, and it’s a good thing to see as no one likes having bigger and heavier devices on their wrists.

Exact pricing details aren’t yet revealed, but as far as original Galaxy Watch is concerned, it set users back $329 (£255) for its 42mm version and $349 (£271) for its 46mm version. So, expecting a little hike in price wouldn’t be wrong.

4: Sony Smartwatch 4

Sony Smartwatch 4

Sony’s Smartwatch 3 was definitely a masterpiece that enticed a handsome number of users. Its successor Smartwatch 4 is likely to be released sooner than later. It also falls in the list of Smartwatches Launching in 2020, and as usual, it’s most likely to be a game-changer piece with everything on-board one would need.

The official release date, however, is not yet revealed but according to reports, it’ll start hitting shelves worldwide before 2019 ends or may arrive at the beginning of 2020. The rumoured features include:

  • Accurate GPS
  • Heart Rate Sensor
  • Google Pay
  • Latest Operating System
  • LTE Version
  • Hefty Battery
  • Latest Wear OS Version
  • Extra Sensors

When it comes specifications, Sony Smartwatch 4 is equipped with 1.63-inches display (AMOLED) for apps and many other functions. It’s said to have a battery capacity of 420mAh, 4GB internal storage and 768GB of RAM. A quad-core processor is likely to boot the watch quickly and load apps in a jiffy.

5: Google Pixel Watch

Google Pixel Watch

We have been hearing rumours about Google Pixel Watch for so many years, but it’s likely to make its debut in the first quarter of 2020. Specifications and overall design are not yet revealed, but we are expecting it to be flagship-quality hardware in both LTE and Wi-Fi versions.

Well, we can rely on rumours, for now, and according to them, it’s equipped with 1GB of RAM and will on a WearOS stock version alongside eye-catching features like Google Pixel smartphones. An enhanced Google Assistant is expected too.

This most-awaited smartwatch seems to have a set of premium features with a smaller design – most probably a round-dial design. Aside from Pixel smartwatch, Google’s two smartwatches named Swordfish and Angelfish are about to hit shelves worldwide, and both will be available in 42mm and 46mm sizes.

The Angelfish will have GPS, LTE and a lot of other connectivity features alongside a heart-rate monitor, which will help you check your heart rate anywhere you want. It’ll come with Android Wear 2.0 Operating System, but it’s not yet clear.

The Swordfish, on the other hand, will have less bezels than Angelfish with one button only to operate. It’s expected to be a cheaper model whereas Angelfish will have a little hike in price.

6: Amazfit Bip 2

Bip watch 2

The original Amazfit Bip was a successful sporty smartwatch from Huami (Xiaomi’s sub-brand), and it’s expected to release its successor Amazfit Bip 2 most probably in the first quarter of next year.

It’s one of the best Smartwatches Coming Out in 2020 in many countries like UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In China, however, it’s already on sale, and one can get his/her hands on one after spending 699 RMB (£77).

This upcoming watch has already certified in the United States with quite the same as Amazfit Bip. It comes with some upgrades in terms of hardware like NFC support, 5-ATM water-resistance. It’s boasting multiple colourful LCD but not as much resolution as original Amazfit Bip.

It will be available in some cool colours and extra sports functions – for instance, excellent battery to last up to 40 days, swimming mode and much more. Be noted that the brand has focused on the younger generation, which indicates exciting features.

7: Garmin Fenix 6

Garmin Fenix 6

When it comes to the accurate GPS, Garmin Fenix smartwatches have got you covered. Garmin Fenix also designs watches for those love doing outdoor activities. The Garmin Fenix 5 isn’t too old, featuring an ability to store songs, Galileo Oxygen Saturation, Garmin Play and pre-loaded maps. The next Garmin Fenix 6 is now ready to launch with more interestingly features for Garmin Fenix fans.

It’s expected to come in a new style and slimmer design to wear it throughout the day and night with comfort. The expected features include significantly improved GPS System, NFC Pay, Offline Music Downloader, ECG Functionality and plentiful new sensors. This will undoubtedly, be an expensive piece as compared to its predecessor.

8: Asus ZenWatch 4

Asus ZenWatch 3

Asus is most likely to shatter all records in the world of smartwatches near in the future as the company has all set to introduce state-of-the-art smartwatch somewhere in 2020 named Asus ZenWatch 4.

With quite a few advanced features, it’ll be a successor of all previously released smartwatches. And with super-fast Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, you would no need to carry your smartphone anymore.

Very much like Asus ZenWatch 3, it’s expected to come in round shape alongside many new features like Asus Weather, Remote Link as well as flashlight application. The device will be a Bluetooth compatible with a maximum onboard memory of 4GB.

With all rumoured features like super-fast connectivity, round shape, numerous applications, heart rate monitor and GPS system, Asus ZenWatch 4 is expected to be the best smartwatches of 2020.

9: OnePlus Smartwatch

oneplus watch

Very much like Apple, Sony and other brands OnePlus are likely to come up with its own smartwatch in the future, if details online are to be believed. It’s been more than 3 years since then we have been hearing rumours about OnePlus smartwatch alongside its design sketches on Twitter.

The appeared sketches of upcoming smartwatch indicate an excellent round dial design that is loaded with one-click interchangeable bands. OnePlus dropped the idea to release its own smartwatch at that time, although we can potentially see a OnePlus in the year 2020 if the smartwatch market is growing bigger.

We are running short on data about upcoming OnePlus smartwatch – therefore, it’s hard to say anything as of now. If everything turns out to be true, OnePlus smartwatch will be a classic stellar like its smartphones.

10: Huawei Watch 3

Huawei Watch 3

When it comes to smartwatches, Huawei’s other big name. Huawei Watch 2 was launched in 2017. And in 2018 we have seen an upgraded version of watch 2. Does it make any sense to see Huawei’s Watch 3 now? Most likely, yes, somewhere in 2020, we might see a third-generation smartwatch.

With a square model in his watch 3, Huawei can add a wide range of features. It means that in the coming year we could see an impressive luxury smartwatch.

Some sources indicate that its high scratch resistance performance is the most promising aspect of the watch. The company says that they’ve made this watch by using the toughest steel so that it wouldn’t be scratched any more.

11: Xiaomi Smartwatch

Xiaomi Smartwatch

Let us not forget that Xiaomi is one of the world’s most rapidly growing smartphone manufacturers and strives hard to make cheap and best smartphones.

While most of the mobile companies, including Samsung, Sony, Apple and more are also interested in the smartwatch market. There is also a report that Xiaomi is planning to amaze the audience with a cheap and extreme smartwatch in the future.

We can’t confirm this report yet, though, but it also sounds nice to make the best cheap smartwatch alternatives from the other expensive brands.

For mobile phones, they are entirely destroying competitor brands like HTC, Samsung, Sony, and others. So, it makes sense that you may even think to leap for smartwatches in clear terms. We know Xiaomi already has smart bands, but we talk about the best upcoming Xiaomi smartwatch to challenge Samsung and Apple.

12: Amazfit Bip S:

Amazfit Bip S

At CES 2020, a well-recognised smartwatch brand named Amazfit revealed its another masterpiece Bip S – following up its budget Bip smartwatch. This is very simple in terms of design, boxy smartwatch which looks at the first glance like a copy of the Apple Watch – although this comparison doesn’t take a long as its overtly plasticky build stops it immediately.

This time in this watch, there is better water resistance as well as perfectly fits into the PAI Health score, which is licensed from Mio.

This Amazfit Bip S raises its battery life to 40 days with medium use and water resistance to 5ATM. Most interestingly, it’s loaded with GPS as well as heart rate monitoring – very much like its predecessor.

The headline, however, is when it officially arrives on stores across the U.S. and UK, it’ll set users back approx. $70 and £54. It’ll be an attractive proposition for those searching for the cheapest way to jump into smartwatches.

The Amazfit Bip S release date is set to be somewhere in February 2020, which means we are quite close to getting our hands on one.

13: Diesel On Fadelite

Diesel On Fadelite

2020 is going to be much excited for smartwatch fans as Diesel On Fadelite witnesses it. This gorgeously designed smartwatch is set to be landed on shelves before March 2020. It’s likely to cost users approx. £249 (~$275/AU$400).

Very much like all offered Diesel’s smartwatches so far, Diesel On Fadelite is quite smaller – sporting 43mm case and featuring a transparent strap as well as translucent bezel in four different colour option to choose from. Its design speaks itself, and it’s designed for those with small wrists and exercisers.

Well, its Wear OS experience will be the same to the like of Google Assistant, Google Pay, music control, heart rate tracking, customisable watch faces, and notifications of a smartphone.

14: Fitbit Iconic 2

Fitbit Iconic 2

The company’s first complete smartwatch with every possible feature was named Fitbit Iconic but comparing it with other brands’ smartwatches, it still lacks in so many areas. James Park (Fitbit CEO), however, confirmed that fans will soon see the latest version of Fitbit Ionic with improved and enhanced features when 2020 starts.

Back in March 2019, the company’s CEO told that Ionic will get refreshed near in the future and it’s one of the most important parts of our current portfolio as it targets top athletes in the world and people who are fit and active and sensors, of course, including GPS and others which are unique and impressive to use.

To cut it short, this assurance from the company’s CEO helps us to expect Fitbit to come up with another smartphone with improved design, extra fitness features, ECG App, improved battery and most important of all, a price mark comparable to Fitbit Ionic.

15: Google Pixel Observe

Google Pixel Observe

Image credit: forbes

Do you something unique with a mind-boggling features? Then wait for a little for Google Pixel Observe smartwatch. This Google Pixel Observe watch had been gossiping for a substantial amount of time – and we’re expecting it to be arrived on stores in the major quarter of 2020.

Although, nothing about this gorgeously designed watch is confirmed i.e. its design and specifications but it’s most likely that it’ll be loaded with state-of-the-art features to entice users throughout the world.

There are gossipy dummies that can be equipped with 1GB RAM and will only be available with Android for Pixel Phones on a stock version of Wear OS or update with exclusive highlights. Moreover, we’re expecting this time an improved and enhanced Google Assistant as well.

That’s all! We update our pages most often with the latest and updated details. We will have this page updated too as soon as we hear more about any upcoming smartwatch of 2020. Meanwhile, share your thoughts and let us know which smartwatch you are eagerly waiting to buy?

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