Samsung to Launch Galaxy Note 10 with 5G Capabilities

It’s not too long back when Samsung published a kernel source for its upcoming Galaxy S10 family which is powered by its own Chipset – Exynos. Whilst digging through a code – enterprising folks over at XDA Developers found something surprising which is “a 5G version of Samsung Galaxy Note 10”.

Frankly speaking, it’s not really surprising for all of us as Samsung’s Galaxy S10 is just around the corner with 5G capabilities. Well, it’s still nice to have some sort of confirmation that Samsung has decided the same for its state-of-the-art and innovative Galaxy Note 10.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 leaks

Just don’t forget that it’s just an educated guess, for now, which is entirely based on rumours and leaks from a couple of months back – which unveiled a codename of Note 10 “DaVinci”.  The above-mentioned S10 kernel source mentions as DaVinci5G.

These lines of code regulate which camera drivers a kernel would initialize. Just for reference, note that Galaxy S10e is “beyond0”, Galaxy S10 is “beyond1” whereas Galaxy S10 Plus is “beyond2” and Galaxy S10 5G (upcoming) is “beyondx”.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 leaks image

In addition, this source code has reappeared with another device codename, which is “luge.” This was once believed to be a foldable phone prototype but it’s not the Galaxy Fold because it was called the “winner.” Thus, “luge” can be one of Korea’s current developing foldable smartphones.

Talking about Note 10, we have only heard that it’ll be equipped with quad camera configuration outback and a whopping 6.66-inches screen. Rest of the details are yet to be surfaced online. As soon as we get more rumours and leaks, we will have it updated.

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