Samsung Galaxy S10 doesn’t allow to Store Bitcoin in Blockchain KeyStore

Here is a piece of bad news – regardless of token logo appearing in pre-release images of the application, you cannot store Bitcoin on Samsung Galaxy S10 in its Blockchain KeyStore. That is because, according to CoinDesk Korea, a customer is only compatible with Ethereum-derived tokens.

Blockchain Bitcoin

That is because, based on CoinDesk Korea, a customer is only compatible with Ethereum-derived tokens. It is a little odd, though, but it was a not entirely foolish decision because Samsung decided to overlook the most popular Mass-Market token from its new Blockchain KeyStore wallet without a doubt: Ethereum is a large number of tokens and it can smooth them on board in one.

List Made by Cosmee and Enjin – But Bitcoin Didn’t

To be sure, this does not mean that Bitcoin will not be put into the wallet in the Blockchain KeyStore — it’s more a matter of when, Samsung’s been working on the customer for some time, and introducing two little known tokens, Cosmee and Enjin, before Big B is a bit absurd to us.

The Samsung is not bundling its newly released Samsung Galaxy S10 alongside its siblings named Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S10e with the Blockchain KeyStore. Customers who like market leader Coinbase or rival Coinmama will need to proceed with it (to store money purchased via an exchange), must download it first of all from Galaxy’s Apps.

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