Samsung Announces its New Power Controller – Supporting 100W Fast-Charging

Samsung New Power Controller - Sammobile

For the most efficient charging, Samsung has announced the launch of its latest two USB Type-C Power delivery controllers. The controllers named SE8A and MM101 which are ready to meet the latest USB specification for super-fast charging.

According to Samsung, both power controllers will be able to verify whether a connected gadget is certified with USB-PD 3.0 and can charge accordingly.

The SE8A and MM101 are loaded with flash for firmware updates. And most important of all, 100W is being supported by them as compared to the 10W – offered in conventional smartphone chargers, enabling them to be applied to the other heavy devices such as monitors and laptops.

Samsung New Power Controller
Samsung New Power Controller – Sammobile

The Secure Element Integrated Circuit SE8A is also the first chip to combine a power controller into a single chip. Samsung said that it’ll enable additional safeguards such as secure key storage and compact encoding and decoding of sensitive information in a device. These measures prevent hacking in the course of charging, according to Samsung.

The MM101, on the other hand, is capable enough to support a symmetric product authentication encryption algorithm and can measure humidity to ensure safe recharge. Samsung further added that SE8A is under mass production whereas samples of MM101 have already been sent to the clients.

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