Nokia 7.2 Review

A 48MP Triple Camera Setup and more at Low Price

Our Verdict

Nokia 7.2 indeed offers marvelous design, a whopping display, and outstanding camera configuration on its rear. Hence, it’s an impressive and gorgeously looking phone with a plentiful appeal. Specifically, a camera setup looks interestingly whereas a lure of fast updates to Android OS means it’ll be offering a lot more in the future.

However, it’s a little expensive when comparing it with Google Pixel 3a, but overall, Nokia 7.2 is a significant improvement over Nokia 7.1, and it’s having more than enough uniqueness and features to entice users with ease.

Pros & Cons

  • Promises Super-fast Updates
  • Large and Immersive Display
  • Ideal for Budget-friendly Buyers
  • Video Recording Quality isn’t Great
  • Google Assistant Button Positioned Awkwardly

Let’s admit that Google Pixel 3a is one of the best budget smartphones around – thanks to its exquisite camera experience at eye-catching $400 price point. Moreover, it’s equipped with all the features that are available not even in flagship devices and most important of all, it gets version as well as security updates immediately after Google releases.

Well, everything offered by Google Pixel 3a is now available in HDM Global’s latest and mind-boggling smartphone named Nokia 7.2 which has now started shining on shelves at attention-grabbing $330 price point.

The official availability of Nokia 7.2 UK isn’t confirmed, as of now, but it’s most likely to arrive in stores before October 2019 ends as September is already about to slip out.

Anyways, it’s a successor of Nokia 7.1 with quite a few standard features. However, it’s flaunting plentiful upgrades in specific areas. The major/key element of Nokia 7.2 is its 48MP camera which is an excellent addition in a mid-range smartphone.

Aside from an immense camera, there are so many specs improvements and tweaks that make Nokia 7.2 a tremendous smartphone. In our complete Nokia 7.2 review below, we will be discussing its official release date worldwide including the UK, pricing details and everything else it’s equipped with to attract users.

Nokia 7.2

Release Date and Price

  • Arriving on Stores at $380 (£315/AU$570) – 6GB/128GB Variant

Based on reports from HMD Global (Nokia’s parent company), Nokia 7.2 has started arriving on stores in many parts of the world. The exact Nokia 7.2 release date, however, was September 23rd.

Price-wise, one can pick Nokia 7.2 with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage after spending $330 (~£270/AU$490) – seems a fair mid-range price tag. Another variant with a gigantic 6GB RAM and 128GB internal storage sets users back $380 that comes to approx. £315/AU$570.

Be noted that we have just added our educated guess in terms of Nokia 7.2 Price UK and Australia as the company is yet to announce its official pricing for the UK.

That is, without a doubt, a significant hike in price when it comes to its massive storage variant – but a hefty 6GB RAM might be useful for multitasking and playing graphics-enriched games.

Classy Design

  • Significant Changes in Design
  • Corning Gorilla Glass 3 Protection on the Back and Front
Putting Nokia 7.2 next to Nokia 7.1, you will immediately realise that both devices are manufactured by different companies – thanks to the significant modifications in design.

The phone comes with rounded corners, and a circular camera module outback looks beautiful as compared to positioned vertically or horizontally. It performs a lovely impact when it catches the light on the back glass.

The Nokia 7.2 looks advanced, especially with the Cyan Green colour. Well, one can pick it up in Charcoal Ice colour too.

The Gorilla Glass 3 is shielded at the front and rear. Interestingly, HMD says that it is made of a polymer composite that doubles the power of polycarbonate, but is much lighter around the frame. That obviously means Nokia 7.2 is more durable as compared to other mid-range devices, but major parts of the phone are still made of glass.

It is unfortunate that there is no IP68 water resistance to cover all foundations, but it is splash resistant so that in the rain it should be fine.

A dedicated Google Assistant button is holding its position on the left to call up fast, whereas the power button on the right-hand-side that doubles as an LED notification when alerts come into the phone.

This is a similar feature which we have already seen in the Nokia 4.2 a couple of months back. The phone is holding up a standard 3.5mm headphone jack also.

Attractive Display

  • 3” Display with HMD Global’s PureDisplay Technology
  • Full HD+ Resolution for Next Level Display Experience

Despite its biggest 6.3-inches display, one can use it with one hand with ease. However, at 8.25mm, it is remarkably thick. You will have many options over Nokia 7.2 as Apple iPhone XS is only 7.7mm whereas Pixel 3 is 7.9mm. It is still convenient to keep because the edges are smoothed out to reveal some lovely curves.

The display looks gorgeous, thanks to a waterdrop-like notch out front in which a selfie snapper is placed and slimmed-down bezels. This is an IPS LCD, but the technology of HMD’s PureDisplay is used to upgrade SDR content to HDR.

It provides rich colours and greater contrast, and videos are definitely vivid. HMD said that the HDR10 standard supports Amazon Prime Video films.

Nokia 7.2 Review

Image credit: bgr

The display is, in fact, a highlight. The full HD+ resolution makes it look bright and can also reach up to 500 nits, so reading in daylight is no longer an issue.

The Nokia 7.2 is a beautiful set of smooth curves and a matt glass texture that allows for the jagged and modern screen. But while these are making it a whole impressive smartphone, it is the camera that can really stand out from the competition.

A Hefty 48MP Camera

  • Triple Camera Makes Nokia 7.2 Stand Out from a Crowd
  • A Primary 48MP Captures Portrait Snaps with Background Blurred
  • 20MP – Strong Enough for Selfies and Video Calls

Image credit: Engadget

Here is where Nokia 7.2 actually shines and beats many other mid-range devices. It’s equipped with a 48MP primary camera sensor that leaves far behind the 12MP camera sensor of its predecessor. This is, according to HMD Global, the most powerful camera Nokia has ever used in its smartphones.

The primary 48MP camera is partnered with a 5MP depth sensor and an 8MP ultra-wide lens. The primary 48MP camera helps to capture portrait shots by making backgrounds blur whereas the second sensor is used to capture images with a broad field of view – hence, you can capture more scenery and a large group of friends easily.

With regard to photographic power, these two sensors appear to be both high and low points of smartphone cameras. When taking wide-angle shots, the pictures look unbelievably over-exposed, and the colours are noticeably worse compared to regular shots.

Specifically, when capturing portrait snaps, images look vivid, and a 5MP depth sensor is impressively effective to blur the background. This is the same case with its front-facing camera – 20MP, even though it is sometimes overwhelming when it creates a background blur.

Standard camera photos, however, look good enough as you would expect from a 48MP camera. Captured images are shiny enough with a lot of details and colours, of course.

The downside of a camera is its video recording and frankly speaking, it’s not a recommended phone if someone is particularly considering to buy Nokia 7.2 for recording videos. Although it supports 4K video recording, recorded videos will have sluggish framerates and colours won’t be as good as you would expect.

Glitch-free Performance

  • Snappy with Snapdragon 660 SoC with up to 6GB of RAM
  • Perfect for Multitasking and Gaming

Nokia 7.2 BenchMark

The Nokia 7.2 comes loaded with Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 Chipset – paired with 4GB or 6GB of RAM (depends on a variant you choose). It’s an excellent setup from Snapdragon 636 inside its predecessor Nokia 7.1.

It’s more than adequate to manage your routine tasks, and interestingly, it doesn’t struggle a lot when playing graphics-enriched games. The Google Pixel 3a is loaded with SD 670 Chipset, and very much like Nokia 7.2, it doesn’t face any problem or struggle when it comes to managing many apps simultaneously.

Nokia 7.2 exceeds Google Pixel device in terms of internal storage – offering users with a hefty 128GB of onboard memory to store loads and loads of files, images, videos, and even movies. If you need more, you can have it upgraded up to 512GB with a dedicated microSD card slot.

Android One OS

  • Updates for Three Years
  • New Features like Android 10 Dark Theme

Nokia 7.2 Green Colour Review

Nokia 7.2 runs on the Android 9.0 Pie operating system with Android One – very much like other Nokia smartphones. You are, therefore, promised for three years of security updates and two OS upgrades. While Android 9 Pie is currently operating, it will quickly be Android 10 as soon as it releases.

This is a marvelous deal as there are a plethora of smartphones in a mid-range category that lacks this level of software support. The latest and fast updates mean it’ll have features such as “Dark Theme” of Android 10 and, of course, more security.

The Motorola, which is the biggest rival of HMD Global, offers only a single update. The Motorola devices, i.e. Motorola Moto E6 isn’t even upgraded by a single operating system.

Average Battery

  • 3500mAh Battery for All Day Casual Use
  • Fast Battery Charging 10W When Using Extensively

To keep the phone alive all day long with casual use, Nokia 7.2 is loaded with 3500mAh battery – 440mAh higher over its predecessor Nokia 7.1. It will hopefully mean a complete and comfortable day of use because the predecessor was not highlighted by the battery.

The phone restores the juice via USB-C port, and it’s supported by fast battery charging 10W – so it gives you approx. 50% of the juice with around 30 minutes of charge. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support wireless charging, but it’s totally fine as most of the devices in the same price range don’t have that feature.

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