Best Free Apps to Edit Photos 2020

Ultimate List of Photo Editing Apps 2020 for Android

Smartphones are becoming popular more and more, and it seems to take over the world entirely sooner than later, significantly decreasing the use of heavy machines and computers. Smartphones are playing a vital role from capturing images to manipulating and editing images anywhere anytime – thanks to their compact size than heavy machines and portability, of course.

Manufacturers worldwide are trying their best to make a process of a smartphone easier as compared to computers when it comes to editing images.

The make a whole process even more convenient, a plethora of photo editing apps have been launched by hundreds of thousands of developers across the globe for smartphones.

Though some apps set users back a little more some are free with an only in-app purchase that enables you to enjoy next-level features. Today, we have come up with a comprehensive list of Free Editing Apps 2020, enabling you to execute simple photo editing techniques quickly.

The best android apps for photo editing

Before we go for more details to know the best photo editor apps download, here are a quick overview:

  • PhotoDirector
  • Google Photos
  • PicsArt
  • Snapseed
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Pixlr
  • Aviary
  • Vignette
  • YouCam Perfect

1: PhotoDirector

PhotoDirector app

Key Features

  • Simple and Easy-to-understand Interface
  • Many Tools like RGB Colours, Curves, HSL Slider and more
  • Exquisite Colour Splash and Magic Brush
  • In-app Camera Module
  • Clone Option and Magic Object Removal

The first and foremost editing app is named PhotoDirector, which is designed by Cyberlink for Android smartphones. More emphasis is given to manual improvements.

It offers HSL sliders, Curves, RGB colour channel, White Balance and additional photo editing tools. The PhotoDirector App That Edits Photos comes with a simple, stylish, and friendly user interface.

The PhotoDirector is intended for those who like to edit photos in a manual manner according to their own wishes and desires rather than just using filters and effects. It is also a multi-purpose Photo Editor App.

2: Google Photos

Google Photos app

Key Features

  • “Alter” catch Offers Altering Abilities
  • Organises Images into Groups
  • Easy to Store Photographs by Places, Individuals and Highlights
  • Unlimited Photo Stockpiling in Google Cloud

The best commonly-speaking Free Photo Editing App for Android is probably Google Photos. Obviously, you can improve your photos in the Google cloud by making them available to every device you claim to use. For people with no large storage on their phone, this means that they can make sure a photo is never lost or erased by the way.

The “Auto Awesome” feature also provides you with an opportunity to make video functions based on the progress of the images and recordings. Furthermore, Google Photos can sort your photos/images in an ordered storybook for your tour, which is ideal for sharing, if you take time off.

3: PicsArt

PicsArt app

Key Features

  • 3M Community Stickers
  • Customizable Magic Effects for Different Style Photos
  • Share and Edit Photos with a new Remix Chat
  • Dispersion Edits is Quite Simple with Dispersion Tool
  • Many New Themes Running Every Day

PicsArt is one of the best Photo Editing Apps Free that integrates typical features to adjust the white equalisation, sound, editing, and the sky.

You can buy stick-packs to decorate your images, have customizable focal point fluttering, access to channels and even use Prisma-like highlights to change your photos with what it calls “enchantment.” And when you are done with your job, you can secretly save or upload your image on PicsArt.

4: Snapseed

Snapseed app

Key Features

  • Totally Free of Cost
  • RAW-records Supported
  • Face Pose Tool
  • Increase or Decrease Amount of Brightness with Gesture Control
  • 140 Different RAW Formants for Android

Snapseed is a Google Photo Editing App that its users and publishers throughout the globe recognise and appreciate. Snapseed is designed with powerful instruments, selective browsing and a number of nice preset filters to serve serious photo editing.

Snapseed feels very professional, and even after editing and exporting, it doesn’t compromise on photo quality. Not only that but more often than not, Google adds new tools to update it.

Snapseed often provides a Gesture-function in which the level of brightness, contrast, saturation and more can be increased or decreased.

Snapseed is an all-inclusive powerful photo editing application that can professionally and efficiently edit photos and export photos without reducing the photo quality.

5: Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop app

Key Features

  • Quite a Few 3D Tools
  • Blends Different Modes from Layers Panel
  • Saves Images to Cloud
  • Hundreds of Extended Features for Next-level Editing

Our list of Best Photos Editor Apps cannot be completed without mentioning an Adobe Photoshop that offers a wide range of features, which can be very unsettling.

In fact, the majority of its menu choices and controls may not be fully known to even the experienced user. Photoshop’s most useful highlights can save your time and effort and can produce incredible results.

Adobe Photoshop gives consumers a new way of clarifying lines and smooth brush strokes with its new highlights.

6: Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom app

Key Features

  • Sharing, Catching or Altering Photos is Easier
  • Natural and Simple User Interface
  • Exquisite and Innovative Adjustments
  • Equipped with HDR Mode for Redressing Overexposed Scenes

Photoshop Lightroom is one of the flexible and versatile Photos Editing Apps that offer a vast range of extraordinary highlights from your work area to your smartphone. The majority of the highlights do not work, but if you already have an affiliation, you can sync across the gadgets.

It’s an incredible app for Android. Besides the fact that your images look amazing with phones, it also helps to improve your work and keep your pictures beautiful and sorted.

7: Pixlr

Pixlr app

Key Features

  • Totally Free and Safe App
  • Flexible, Versatile and Lightweight
  • User-friendly and Easy-to-understand Interface
  • Tools for Complex Editing Processes

Nevertheless, Pixlr previously had a group of photo editors with different names – but they have rebooted entirely. Pixlr’s flexible modification contains lots of professional photography capacities but is always simple and beneficial for beginners.

You don’t have to be an expert for this one of the Best Free Apps to Edit Photos to produce great results.

It’s obvious that this application is intended to change images to allow you to quickly clear, fascinating photos and then to share them with your loved ones.

8: Aviary

Aviary app

Key Features

  • Blemish Tool for Imperfections Removal
  • Improved One-Touch Enhancement
  • Wide Range of Filters, Frames and Stickers
  • Hi-Def Option for Overall Improvement

If you are looking for one of the powerful Photography Editing Apps for Free, Aviary has got you covered -thanks to its good arrangement of highlights and quality for many years.

Very much like other apps, it provides a one-contact improvement mode if you feel tiresome today, but it also accompanies many manual acclimatisations to allow you to do things like shade changes, brilliance, temperature, distinguishing, immersion. And it’s to be noted that it’s just a start.

9: Vignette

Vignette photo edit app

Key Features

  • Shooting Modes like Blind, Fast Shot, Steady Shot and Self Timer
  • Effects Include Colours Swap, Toy Camera, Cinematic and Others
  • Many Frames and Filters
  • Digital Zooming Function
  • Timestamps

Vignette is not just an application for photo editing but an independent camera application with advanced zoom, self-clock as well as time-slip by.

The photo editing app focuses primarily on retro impacts and camera models and, therefore, you will be able to make your photos seem like a shot with Polaroid, Holga, Diana or Lomo.

10: YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect app

Key Features

  • Cutout and Object Removal
  • Face & Skin Beautifying Effects in Real-Time
  • Stylise & Share Images with Your Loved Ones
  • Seamless, Flawless & Luminous Face in Every Photo

YouCam Perfect is the most convenient and the best Photos Editor Apps for Android in 2020 where a user can embellish his/her photos in a jiffy. Take a stack to alter its objects with its one-touch channels, custom photograph and turn, mosaic tiles to obscure the underlying effects, the vignette and the HDR.

The application is assisted by a Face Reshaper, Eye Bag Remove and Body Slimmer to remove your midriff and make your face smarter. It has the ability to play video too. You can download it with many in-application buys for further highlights and contains advertisements.

Wrapping Up

We have listed above best Apps for Editing Photos Free but let us make it clear that we don’t test any app and everything mentioned here on this page is entirely based on authentic online sources.

All listed apps are capable enough to help you in editing your images/photos according to your requirements and wishes. So, what app suits you perfectly? Does any above app fulfil your requirements when it comes to editing photos? Share your thoughts in a comment section below!

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