Top 7 Best Podcast Apps for Android in 2020

No one denies that Radio and Music both have come a long way since their creation. And now, we have smartphones and other smart devices to stream music, and when it comes to Radio, it can be enjoyed anywhere anytime you want.

But what if you are running short on time and not able to experience your favourite Radio show? Here is where Podcasts come into action. Podcasts have almost everything for everyone but managing your Podcasts isn’t less than a hassle. Well, there is nothing to be worried about as Podcasting App for Android has got you covered.

The Podcasting apps enable users to focus on listening instead of wasting time tracking them down. Let’s check out some of the best Podcast apps available to take your enjoyment to the next level.

1: Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict

Key Features

  • Enables to Download and Stream Episodes via Wi-Fi Only
  • Options to Set Automatic Download of New Episodes
  • Android Wear Notifications & Controls
  • Easy to Manage Audio & Video Podcasts
  • Advanced Custom Settings
  • Advanced Automatic Deletion Feature
  • Variable Playback Speed, Skip Silence, Boost Volume
  • Easy to Share Episodes and Podcast

This is the Best Way to Listen to Podcasts on Android with the same range of features as many others. A wide range of content can be found here, and the developer claims that users, so far, have downloaded a billion episodes with this app.

The app also gives you the opportunity to learn information about your favourite podcasts, your YouTube, RSS feeds, live streams and more so as to make this a pretty well-ordered app. This consists of 450,000 podcasting events with 10 million northern shows, so you can safely say your choice is spoiled. You can configure playback settings by pace, a feature found in most podcast apps.

2: Podcast Go

Key Features

  • Easy to Download and Listen to Episodes Offline
  • Different Playlists Creation for Different Occasions
  • Easy to Control Speed Rate
  • Notifications about New Episodes
  • SD Card for Storing Podcast Files
  • Up to Snuff Performance with Calculating Colour Pallete

The developers are currently promoting it as the most well-known and Best Podcast Android App. Given the kinds of features it provides, there may be some truth. The first thing that strikes you is the user interface. It is easy to navigate, intuitive and incredibly big. It’s equipped with more than 300,000 shows to choose from, so if you have zeroed in recently, it’s probably already there.

Here, there are also a number of customisation options. Through selecting a certain theme, users can change the design of the device and monitor several aspects of playback. You can slow the speed, which in certain situations is practical.

3: SoundCloud


Key Features

  • Easy Access to Diverse Catalog of Content
  • Suggested Tracks According to Your Habits of Listening
  • Playlist Creation for any Specific Occasion
  • Direct Connection with Fellow Listeners
  • Easy to Find New Music with Curated Playlists

Another one of the Best Android Apps for Podcasts is known as SoundCloud. It’s the most popular platform to find and discover numerous podcasts that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. This is because it is mostly a free platform that means you can upload your stuff without spending a dime on their servers. They have even developed a forum for designers to test their equally interesting stats on the website.

Obviously, SoundCloud is also paid for, but you can be sure that you can get a sufficiently good experience even if you do not spend a handsome number of bucks on this app. This app can be downloaded free of cost, but there are some ads. This Podcast application is compatible with any Android device running 4.1 OS or up.

4: Spotify Music

Spotify Music

Key Features

  • In-depth Audio Analysis and Audio Features
  • Customise and Powerful Recommendations
  • Easy to Find and Track Artist, Album or Playlist
  • Easy to Manage Playlists from Your Application
  • Information about Any Track or Album
  • Market-Specific Featured Playlist

You could have heard of this Best Podcast App for Samsung because it is extremely popular as a streaming music service. Spotify also supports podcasts accessible from a web player or mobile app. This is an incredibly advanced music app with hundreds of thousands of podcasts. If you’d prefer a subscription, this could actually be the drive you have to take with the purchase Spotify has an independent one-month test, after which a monthly payment from one of many Spotify customised levels will have to be made for each user.

The app needs not more features for its development since it is one of the favourite streaming music applications around. The fact that things only work the way they should and the fact that they have a web player and podcast support which makes your book even better.

The app can be downloaded free of charge so you can possibly spin the app and agree to sign up. However, you may have to get used to ads if you are using them free of charge. Nevertheless, getting a subscription prevents all advertising in the app. This device works on a range of Android appliances, although the developer did not specify a particular version

5: Anchor


Key Features

  • Unlimited Free Hosting
  • Distribution with One Click
  • Monetise Your Podcast
  • Invite Friends with Podcast
  • The Convenient States to Track Podcast’s Performance
  • Exceptional and High-Quality Microphone
  • Easier and Intuitive to Build Your Episode
  • So Many Editing Tools

Not a Podcast but acts like a Podcast! Almost all applications here on this page are podcast applications to allow your favourite podcasts to be downloaded or streamed. We decided to put at least one application that could help you make it yourself. The Anchor is an unlimited hosting Podcast platform.

The app lets you record, publish, and upload audio from other devices to various places such as Google Podcasts and iTunes. It is a nice principle with a business model that wishes you to succeed in making money both to you and to Anchor. However, the app is free, and it’s no ad, so try it if you want to make your own podcast.

6: Google Podcasts

Google Podcasts

Key Features

  • Experience Faster Playback Speed
  • Skip Easily Silence Segments
  • Listen on All Your Smart Devices
  • Voice Command to Control it
  • Listen to the Latest Episodes
  • Listen to Google Podcast While Commuting
  • Highly Customised Listening Experience

Google makes a selection of its podcast what it did in selecting its messages. Google Podcasts currently have three various platforms. The first and foremost is “Google Podcasts”. Calling it the Best Podcasts on Google Play wouldn’t be wrong too as it’s fairly a standard Podcast application with replay speed controls and capable of skipping silence segments.

Google Play Music is the latest streaming service for music from Google and also allows podcasting. Eventually, most people upload shows, podcasts and YouTube-like content every day and every week. Google Podcasts is the most simple and free option. The Google Podcast didn’t work properly in its initial days but works much better now.

7: PodBean


Key Features

  • A Full Range Podcasting Platform
  • Your Podcast, Your Way
  • Extra Powerful Insights to Increase Your Audience
  • Unlimited Bandwidth and Storage
  • Search Engine Optimised
  • Play Store and iTunes Support
  • Ideal for Beginners and Experts alike

Another fairly recognised Podcast app is named PodBean, which works as good as one wants. It contains a metric ton of Podcasts in different categories. You can subscribe it for streaming, downloading and listening to your favourite music. PodBean is also known as Best Free Podcast App for Android – thanks to its mind-boggling features like Android Auto Support, Chromecast Support, Lock Screen Controls, Numerous Audio Effects, Integration with Amazon Alexa and much more. Thus, it can be used by anyone everywhere with ease.

And here is where a list of Android Podcast App 2020 ends. Which listed above Podcasting app do you prefer to download for organising and playing shows you love? Let us know down in the comments box.

Though there are plentiful other applications, you can get your hands on like Google Podcasts, but the Podcast App is one of the best tools to shake up your library of shows.

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