Apple’s Phone Leaked Video is not about Apple’s upcoming iPhone

Here at NextGenPhone, we have been covering all the latest news, rumours and leaks about Apple’s iPads, iPhones as well as Mac. Now, according to the recently leaked video of Apple’s product which has surfaced looks old-school as compared to any of these.

The WALT phone in the leaked video was an early Apple phone prototype which Apple never launched for their audience and now the video of it in use has been leaked by Sonny Dickson. The image is showing that some are scrolling via their directory and handwriting some notes with an attached pen.

Apple iPhone

What is WALT Phone?

WALT isn’t actually a WALL-E style precious name for any tech as WALT stands for “Wizzy Active Lifestyle Telephone”.

The handset first appeared back in 1983 by Apple but never landed on stores for the public, and few prototypes survived, and we don’t expect many of those few survivors to load often – not least because of the slow speed with which the phone can be loaded into the video. Though there are some hints about future Apple products – the peripheral pen reminds us of the Apple Pencil, and the way modern iPad like the iPad Pro 11 works is also a tablet Touchscreen that can also make calls.

In this rapidly moving technological world, a product like WALT seems to be old, and quickly bound to a museum (or waste dump), but later on it covered the way to Apple products such as iPhone and iPad, so let’s say not too bad to it.

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