Apple iPhones of 2019 Appeared via CAD Renders Once Again

The time has now come to discuss the Apple iPhones of 2019 once again. The devices normally launch in September – but since the first month of this year, these devices have been in the rumour mill. Now, these renders are quite equal to what we have already seen so far.

The iPhone 11 and 11 Max are fitted with triple-rear cameras. In relation to the primary shooter, this setting will likely have wide-angle and telephoto lenses. In the front, the latest generation premium iPhones are almost identical – 6.5-inch displays for the 11 Max and 5.8-inches displays for the normal iPhone 11. As they’re the same, they also have a broad spectrum of 2017 for another year.

apple iphone patent

The iPhone 11R will be shipped with a double rear camera configuration in contrast to its siblings. While this is no more impressive than the triple sensors in the premium range – but the upgrade to the single sensor in the iPhone XR is significant. The screen is 6.1-inches in size and brings the controversial entry to the top as well.

That all! There are no more details about the upcoming iPhones of 2019. After all, these renders seem to be produced by case-makers that normally don’t come up with more details other than dimensions. The iPhones of 2019 seem to come up with a mission to regain the huge public that was not happy with iPhones of 2018.

Putting everything aside for a short while, the upcoming iPhones of 2019 are expected to come up with lots of improvements in the software, hardware and antenna construction.

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